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Série: A Carta Mágica
Objeto: placas petri referente página 1, página 2, página 3

Tríptico fotografia

Expositor mesa de luz negativo cromo de fotografia


Spectrum is a triptych of high definition photographs. The photographs are images of petri dishes with respective fungal samples of 3 leaves of a psychographed letter, collected and grown in a microbiology laboratory, during the period of social isolation of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The psychographed letter is a contradictory to the act of writing once it was written by an illiterate woman from the 1930s. At that time and place, women could not have any access to studies.High resolution images jump sharply to the previously invisible of the letter. From the organic and biological life that inhabits the inanimate letter-object. In addition to the photographs, the 3 petri dishes with the live cultivation of the fungi are arranged.

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